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Crete Heraklion Port

Heraklion Port

TransferPlan will transfer you from and to Heraklion Port as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible. Heraklion port is situated at the center of Heraklion Prefecture’s northern coast and adjacent to island’s capital.

The modern Heraklion port was firstly established in the 20th century and expanded eastwards of its older predecessor, the 700-year-old Venetian port that now serves as an attraction and a place of pleasure. Heraklion port is the second largest and busiest harbour in Greece after Piraeus.

The port is conveniently located along the middle part of the Cretan highway that serves the northern part of the island. The highway offers an easy getaway to the towns of Agios Nikolaos, Sitia, Kissamos, Rethymnon, Chania and Heraklion. It is busy all-year-round with an approximate number of 2 million visitors annually. The port services very popular routes such as Piraeus-Athens, Thessaloniki and a number of Aegean islands. Itineraries are regular and for other major ports, ships depart daily.

The Harbour hosts visitors for both touristic purposes and commercial activities. It possesses an array of facilities for the convenience of all travellers. In close proximity to the port, one can find in abundance shops, cafes and restaurants within a short walking distance.

The port is an 'umbrella' term covering both the new Heraklion Ferry Port and the old Venetian Harbour. The 'Castello a Mare' more widely known as Koules is a significant walled structure marking the entrance to the old Venetian port. The fortress dates back to the 16th century and is presumed that Cretan rebels were tortured in its underground chambers by mercenaries of the Ottoman Empire during the times of Crete's occupation. The Heraklion old town is located nearby, thus after a visit to the Fortress travellers can enjoy a walk through the vibrant streets of the city or taste some delicacies prepared by the friendly and hospitable locals.

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Skaleta Crete


TransferPlan will transfer you from and to Skaleta as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible. Skaleta is about 12 km east of Rethymno on Crete's north-central coast and 65km west of Heraklion. Skaleta was a small seaside village, but with the rapid touristic development nowadays is more like a resort area. That means is full of hotels and resorts and generally, the town is built to please the visitors. Its proximity to Rethymnon town makes it an ideal destination for tourists.

Skaleta Beach is very long, with mixed sand and pebbles and well organized. Being so long gives you the advantage that you will never feel overcrowded. All the facilities that you would expect at a large sandy beach such as plenty of taverns, beach bars and water sports are to be found here. If you are looking for exciting nightlife and partying, then this is not your place. Skaleta is a quiet place for those looking for relaxation on their holidays. Skaleta beachfront starts 11km east of Rethymno and stretches 3km to the east. It is the last part of the long beach of the Bay of Rethymno. The first beach after Pighianos Kampos is Sfakaki, a very well organised resort. Following, after 1km you'll meet Stavromenos, named after the specific settlement of the region. The beaches are generally sandy and very well organized, with some parts that have pebbles and small rocks. As you head to the east, the sand strip gets narrower and fading out, until it disappears at the end of the Rethymno Gulf. After another 1km, you’ll meet the last part of the vast beachfront of East Rethymnon, Skaleta. Like all north-coast beaches, Skaleta beachfront is open to the winds and is usually wavy. During summer nights, from May to September, loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand of the Gulf. So, it is usual to see small parts of the beach where nests have been identified, being blocked and not accessible by visitors.

Skaleta is made for those seeking relaxation, who want to enjoy the Cretan sunshine and swim a little bit. Here you can find a lot of food choices, from small fish taverns till big restaurants. You can also use it as a base to explore the region of Rethimno.

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