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Heraklion Port TO Sfakia (Hora Sfakion)

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Heraklion Port


Sfakia (Hora Sfakion)





Transfers from Heraklion Port to Sfakia

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Crete Heraklion Port

Heraklion Port

TransferPlan will transfer you from and to Heraklion Port as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible. Heraklion port is situated at the center of Heraklion Prefecture’s northern coast and adjacent to island’s capital.

The modern Heraklion port was firstly established in the 20th century and expanded eastwards of its older predecessor, the 700-year-old Venetian port that now serves as an attraction and a place of pleasure. Heraklion port is the second largest and busiest harbour in Greece after Piraeus.

The port is conveniently located along the middle part of the Cretan highway that serves the northern part of the island. The highway offers an easy getaway to the towns of Agios Nikolaos, Sitia, Kissamos, Rethymnon, Chania and Heraklion. It is busy all-year-round with an approximate number of 2 million visitors annually. The port services very popular routes such as Piraeus-Athens, Thessaloniki and a number of Aegean islands. Itineraries are regular and for other major ports, ships depart daily.

The Harbour hosts visitors for both touristic purposes and commercial activities. It possesses an array of facilities for the convenience of all travellers. In close proximity to the port, one can find in abundance shops, cafes and restaurants within a short walking distance.

The port is an 'umbrella' term covering both the new Heraklion Ferry Port and the old Venetian Harbour. The 'Castello a Mare' more widely known as Koules is a significant walled structure marking the entrance to the old Venetian port. The fortress dates back to the 16th century and is presumed that Cretan rebels were tortured in its underground chambers by mercenaries of the Ottoman Empire during the times of Crete's occupation. The Heraklion old town is located nearby, thus after a visit to the Fortress travellers can enjoy a walk through the vibrant streets of the city or taste some delicacies prepared by the friendly and hospitable locals.

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Chora Sfakion Crete

Sfakia (Hora Sfakion)

TransferPlan will transfer you from and to Sfakia as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible. Sfakia is the southernmost point of Europe. Sfakia lies in the heart of south-west Crete among a wild and pristine mountainous landscape. It is foreshadowed by the majestic White Mountains 'Lefka Ori' mountain range and stands on the verge of spectacular gorges on the north and embraced by the warm Libyan sea on the south side. In Sfakia you will find the scenic settlements of Hora and Loutro, which will make a summer destination similar to no other. There you can indulge in life's simple pleasures such as swimming in crystal clear waters, go hiking or delve into the delicious local cuisine.

Anopoli is a majestic place that will enchant travellers. Foreshadowed by wild mountains, visitors can discover the picturesque Aradena Bridge and the village of Frangokastello bewildered by legends of warrior ghosts named the Drosoulites. The area is extremely remote hidden amid steep cliffs and isolated by the Libyan Sea, Sfakia makes an excellent off the beaten track destination for adventurous backpackers. One can expect to find the quintessential islander Greek villages, ornate with white houses and blue shutters, namely Frangokastello, Phoenix, Lykos and Agia Roumeli. The villages also serve as the base for treks in the surrounding mountains. Mountaineers can follow the 'Kalderimi' which are paths carved by shepherds and lead to some beautiful gorges. The most majestic of the gorges is Samaria which ends at the beach in Agia Roumeli and offers visitors a seven-hour trek through the wilderness.

Around all year numerous celebrations happen and with some good timing, travellers can find themselves entangled in commemorations of historical battles, business opening parties, christenings or big fat Greek weddings with more than 1,000 guests. Local food and drinks are abundant and most feasts are accompanied by bands playing traditional folk music. The songs are called 'Madinades' and are accompanied by lyra, fully embracing the power and wistfulness of the Cretan spirit.

Sfakia is an excellent spot to buy local produce such as high-quality olive oil, thyme, honey, fresh herbs and spices. Several of the villages are also fortified, a legacy left from the times of Venetian occupation and Ottoman Empire. The most impressive fortress lies at Frangkokastello village just above a sandy beach and dates back to the 14th century. The village maintains a very authentic character and most shops, hotels and restaurants are family-run. One can sample some excellent local cuisine, freshly prepared with mouth-watering local ingredients.

The Sfakians are famous for their hospitality and generosity towards guests, resulting in a shift from traditional labour towards tourism. This part of the island will definitely make you feel like a true Cretan.

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