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Agios Nikolaos Port To Heraklion Town

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Agios Nikolaos Port

Agios Nikolaos Port

TransferPlan will transfer you from and to Agios Nikolaos Port as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible. Agios Nikolaos Port is 65 kilometres east of Heraklion, located at the beautiful Mirabello Bay. The sea in Agios Nikolaos is splendid and the surrounding area of the city is noted for its sandy beaches and beautiful small coves. The landmark of the city is a small and deep lake, known as Voulismeni, where if you feel adventurous you can swim.

Agios Nikolaos port is a popular stop for ships from various cruise lines, such as Thomson, Louis, and Regent Seven Seas. The old harbour located more toward the centre of the town is used only by small fishing vessels and local fishermen. The port is unprotected to the North winds and sometimes it gets very windy. The islet Agioi Pantes which is opposite to the town is the only shelter from the winds. The biggest part of Agios Nikolaos is built on the remains of the ancient city of Lato. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum which is very interesting and study the ancient Minoan civilization of Crete. In the town, there is also a folk-art museum which is one of the most visited sites of Crete. If you have some more time you should definitely visit the island of Spinalonga which used to be a leper colony and now holds a small museum.

The city mainly lives on tourism and fishing, but despite the tourist growth, it has not lost its unique quality. Every summer the small harbour and the lake, surrounded by restaurants, cafes, shops and beach bars are full of tourists and locals, providing you with a perfect destination for your holidays.

The port of Agios Nikolaos connects the island with Athens, Greece’s capital and many Aegean islands like Santorini, Mykonos, Karpathos and Rhodes, which are uniquely beautiful.

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Heraklion Town Crete

Heraklion Town

TransferPlan will transfer you from and to Heraklion town as quickly, safely and comfortably as possible. Heraklion boasts the title of the largest urban entity in Crete and is also the administrative capital of the island. Heraklion has an immense historical and cultural heritage, as in close proximity to the city visitors can find the Palace of Knossos, which has served as the centre of Minoan civilisation. Throughout the city, you can also find a number of constructions dating back to the Venetian occupation such as Koules Fortress in the old port.

Heraklion is home to some world class monuments and cultural landmarks. Among the most outstanding man-made structures is the Heraklion Fortress that contains the 'old town'. Originally built by Arab merchants and later on reinforced by Venetians, the Fortress included seven bastions, of which only the Martinego bastion survives the passing of time. Moreover, visitors will be delighted to find one of the gates to the city, named Chanioporta, which is ornate with the winged lion of Saint Marc. Visitors can also pay pilgrimage to the grave of one of Greece's most important writers and Nobel recipient, N. Kazantzakis. The sight that marks his resting place also offers some mesmerising views of the city.

Throughout the city, one can spot statues and monuments commemorating prolific figures that have been important for Greece's course through history and have contributed to Crete's immense cultural heritage. Some of the names include renaissance painter El Greco, Poet Vicenzo Kornaros and Politician Eleftherios Venizelos.

Moreover, the Archaeological museum should be on the top of every visitor's list; a splendid space that boasts a massive collection of ancient artefacts from all over the island and covers more than 5,500 years of history. Special emphasis is given to the spoils of Minoan civilisation, which has been one of the first to spring in the Southern European cost and was almost entirely wiped out by a volcanic eruption and a subsequent tsunami. The museum is home to the most important collection of surviving Minoan antiquities in the world and awaits its visitors to explore the mysteries of this extinguished civilisation.

Nowadays, Heraklion represents a beacon of Greek modernization and has been subjected to an extensive urban sprawl, that gives it a truly unique character. Despite the expansion of concrete residential blocs and the immense traffic, a short walk through the bustling streets and alleys will travel you through thousand years of history and will reveal to you the hip side of Greece with its rich coffee culture and culinary delights that can be found in every corner.

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